In addition to tours and educational programs, throughout the wine-producing year a series of events are held with two focuses: wine and the museum.

With a focus on wine


Every tour concludes with a tasting of two wines. There is however also a series of selections for oenophile visitors who would like to acquire a fuller picture of the estate’s wines (Monday-Friday, reservations required):

  • Option to taste all the wines
  • Option to taste past vintages chosen by the estate’s oenologists
  • Option for a private tasting
  • Option for a tasting of wine-food

In addition, throughout the year wine-tasting seminars are conducted in a
small circle of the estate’s oenologists with various themes. For
example: seminar for beginners, on glasses and participating in the
pleasure of wine, on combining wine and food, getting acquainted with
wine through games (by registration only in order of priority)

Each year, the estate takes part in the celebration of the European Day of Wine
, while the biggest annual celebration of wine is “Open Doors”, two days
open to the public, with events for children and adults. During recent years,
more than 2,000 people have been hosted in the course of this weekend at the
vineyard and winery.

In parallel, Ktima Gerovassiliou is a founding member of “Wines of North Greece” and an active participant in the activities of “Wine Roads of Northern Greece”. This is an innovative tourist and cultural program developed through the joint action of Northern Greek wine producers.

With a focus on the museum


The Wine Museum has made it possible for the estate to present to people its philosophy in the best possible way: wine is a multi-dimensional product. Its cultural dimension starts from the way the vine is cultivated and continues to the way in which it is consumed at the table. Thus, invited speakers from various fields come to the museum to speak about subjects which often have no relation to wine, but rather to theater, history, poetry, the sciences and many other topics.

In addition, the museum takes part in the celebration of the International Museum Day on 18 May with extended working hours. The day comes to a close with a music or a theatrical production.

On occasion, periodic exhibitions of photographs and musical organs, screenings, and musical and theatrical presentations have been hosted. All these museum events are free to the public.

The public receives information about all the estate and museum’s events, both regular and one-off, via email press releases, its website, and social media. The estate’s YouTube channel makes available scheduled lectures.


In the field of cultural activities, the estate both supports publications and issues its own involving the vine and wine, the main goal being to participate in the collection, safeguarding, and dissemination of information and images of the history, traditions, and art of viticulture.

As publisher


By word of mouth (in greek)

An annual series by Ktima Gerovassiliou devoted to Epanomi, presented at “Open Doors”. To date, the following have been published in greek: "Epanomi's Cookery" (the local cuisine of Epanomi), "From the vine to the Table" (products of the vine found in the cuisine of Epanomi), "Tsipouro narrates" (the history of Epanomi’s tsipouro), "All around the table" (the multi-cultural cuisine of Epanomi), "The Guests" (the cuisine of Epanomi’s brides and grooms).


Wine narrates-Vines in bloom (in greek)

The Proceedings from a scholarly conference on viticulture and wine, and on archaeological finds in the greater Epanomi area held at the estate.


Wine gladdens the heart of man, Vasilis Gougousis (in greek)

This volume contains evidence on the beginnings of viticulture, and the history of the vine and wine in ancient Greece. It also makes reference to the role of the vine and wine in the Bible.


Butter bunny and his grape must cookies, Dimitris Baslam (in greek)

The estate’s desire to enrich school visits became a reality thanks to the sensitivity and willingness of the creative musician and author Dimitris Baslam, who describes in an imaginative fashion wine’s journey from vine to bottle through the adventures of a hare and his friends. The tale is brought to life by Viktor Moschopoulos’ beautiful illustrations.


With red or white, bottles of an uncommon collection (in greek)

An album on the exhibition held at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in which wine bottles decorated by Greek and foreign artists were presented.

As publications sponsor


A Krater Full of Good Cheer, a four-language edition by Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona

Excavations in the area of Epanomi, Thessaloniki: The Cemetery at Limori and the Basilica at Byadoudi), Professor Theocharis Pazaras (in greek)

T'apanomitka (From Epanomi), Professor Theocharis Pazaras (in greek)